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Spiritual healing tools for your independent soul journey


I am Naomi Beth and my life’s passion is to bring joy and awakening to all who find me.

I am a Way-Shower, Author, Commentator and Realist. A many faceted soul just trying to learn to be a human being.

I share my spiritual and realistic insights with you using these self healing tools:

Free Spiritual Tips and Tools

Watch my free videos on all things spiritual.

Weekly videos sharing my sometimes-comical insights and observations about being a soul who is having a human experience within these current times.

Working in spiritual dimensions and then having to face the reality of Earth and trying (hopelessly sometimes) to combine the two.


"Rise of the Feminine Fire" 7 Course eBook Collection

Raising Your Feminine Fire From Within brings your own soul into its true calling, your own true heart light.

Your feminine fire is within you, buried, waiting for you to bring her to life once more. It is the balancer of all dark and light, the healer of all dimensions. The awakener of all passion and the nurturer of all beings. It is your one and only heart light.

Learn how to introduce simple, step-by-step energetic tools and techniques into your daily life to Raise Your Feminine Fire


The Naughty Oracle

A little bit naughty, a little bit rough around the edges, this card deck slams you in the face with its spiritually “real” messages for you.

Each comically illustrated card shares with you intuitive knowledge of what work you need to do right now to move forward with your day, in a slightly naughty inappropriate way.

Each card has a practical clearing statement and ascension statement for you to use to shift the energy around you into higher vibrations, journaling questions for you to practically move into new awareness of the topic presented on the card and general explanations to bring more joy and light-heartedness into your daily life.

More details coming soon…

Coming Soon

These valuable spiritual energy healing resources are for everyone to use in their own time, in their own way to find their own meaning of life with the intention of awakening your soul with some beautifully added sprinkles of joy thrown in.

Go for It!

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