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Who is Naomi? And why does she call herself Naomi Beth Author?

Naomi is Shaman, Author, Teacher, Way-shower and Realist who walks between the worlds of Earth and Spirit.

Naomi has dedicated her life to healing her own soul and therefore dedicated to helping others who connect with her to heal their selves. She calls herself Naomi Beth as this is her official first and middle name. She calls herself Naomi Beth Author as this is her path in life, authorship. Authorship of videos, oracle cards and eBooks. This is what her soul resonates with and what her soul uses to help herself and others to ease the chaos of this world.

You may know Naomi as Naomi Energy. This was her former business name and some of her videos still mention this website address. She was born Naomi Peacock and married a grain farmer to become Naomi Sampson. Naomi lives in Emerald, Queensland, Australia. She is a mother of two young men and enjoys living in rural areas, especially when it rains!!! She loves being creative and artistic in her own messy way, making a homely home in her own sacred space. She’s also a great potter! She can grow plants if they’re in a pot! Not a clay worker as some of you may have thought! Naomi enjoys a good musical and loves singing along and dancing when no one’s watching!!! Generally, she loves being her own quirky weird self in this chaotic creation called Earth and always welcomes new faces with a smile and a giggle of love…

Naomi has been professionally working with energy techniques and tools since 1995 and was born with spirit gifts, even though she shut them down at a young age. She has also worked in the Queensland department of education. Over the years of working on herself, she has found a step by step guide to truly release the damage of one’s soul to enable true healing and to allow you to be strong in your own energy. This is what Naomi shares with you within all of her creative products.


How do I keep up-to-date with Naomi’s work?

The best way to make sure you are notified with Naomi’s work is to:

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What is Naomi’s YouTube Channel? Is it FREE to watch?

Here is the link to Naomi’s YouTube Channel:

On this channel you will find many Playlists with lots of informative videos, meditations and resources FREE for everyone in the world.

The most recent playlist to keep in touch with what Naomi is doing weekly is:

To find out how Naomi has become a Shaman, watch this playlist:

To Raise Your Feminine Fire, watch these playlists:

COURSE 1: Awakening from Within

COURSE 2: Going Within

COURSE 3: Healing SOUL Within

COURSE 4: Healing EMOTION Within

COURSE 5: Transforming Within

COURSE 6: Goddess Rising Within

COURSE 7: Reigniting the Feminine Fire from Within

To get the most out of these courses purchase and download the accompanying eBook in Naomi Beth’s shop
Rise of the Feminine Fire (7 Course eBook Collection)

A wealth of free information, tools and tips at your very own fingertips!


What is the RISE OF THE FEMININE FIRE courses?

The Rise of the Feminine Fire courses from Naomi Beth are a series of 7 online courses done one after the other in sequence to truly Raise Your Own Feminine Fire from Within You.

A step by step guide using YouTube videos and a downloadable eBook to enhance your own healing abilities and to allow your self to find your own truth by using your own divine feminine intuition.

These courses are for everyone to delve deeper into their own soul creating more easy, quick daily tools to survive through your daily chaos.

To find out more, read the full product description page.



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